Maureen and Robert – Cult Pens Extreme Sheens

Sheening inks have had centre stage for some while now and just as I thought that might change, along come these two characters. And I have to say, they are just that. Great names, Maureen and Robert, and very pretty too! Many congratulations to Cult Pens for going with yet another great Diamine product. Of note, The Cult Pen Deep Diamines are still one of my favourite ranges.

While engaged with this project, I have swatch tested many of the well known monster sheens including: Skull & Roses, Nitrogen, Moonview, Henry Thoreau, Fire and Ice, Sakthy and the Krishna Monster Sheens. And fascinating though they are, Maureen and Robert have stolen my heart.

If you’ve never tampered with a sheening ink before, I strongly recommend you tamper with these two. Made by Diamine exclusively for Cult Pens these are the real deal! And here’s why:

As well as being beautiful colours to look at – when used in concentration, Robert turns from Crimson to Metallic Green and Maureen turns from a delicious Royal Blue to Metallic Crimson. (Swatch on Bockingford 200lb Rough).

(Splats on Tamoe River)

As writing inks, Robert is a little darker than maybe expected but both perform wonderfully. (Test on Rhodia Dot matrix).

(Wiggles on Seaview Cartridge).

And when used for creative purposes. Not much more to say! (Alphabets on Seaview Cartridge)

(Alphabets on Seaview Cartridge)

But this is your money shot. When these two inks are blended together with water, reworked when semi dry with concentrated inks and then overwritten with bleach when dry – this is what you get and I like it! A LOT. (Alphabet on Seaview Cartridge).

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