Krishna Sheening Inks – Swatch Tests

Krishna Inks very kindly sent me two of their new sheening inks. Sakthy, which is a vermilion red and Moonview which is a very dark blue. When swatch tested on heavy duty watercolour paper the Sathky appeared heavy and didn’t blend that well with the water. The Moonview, on the other hand, blended very easily and filled the swatch card quickly revealing some rather lovely royal blues blending into cyan and turquoise. Both inks resisted the bleach save for in the lightest of breakdown areas – you can see the dark lines where the bleach was applied – no neon.

When used for writing through a fountain pen nib, both inks flow well and rich with good colours and plenty of sheening when viewed at an angle.

When used on cartridge paper, the  Sakthy sheened at the edges of the marks but also showed evidence of bleeding at the edges, the Moonview was nearly 100% sheen! I’ve never seen this before but also showed evidence of bleeding at the edges.

When used on the Rhodia surface, both the Sakthy and the Moonview sheened at the edges of the marks.

For sheen freaks, these two are probably destined for your collections. For the more creative chromatic geeks…

I reviewed their standard inks a couple of months back. I really rate them! Links to reviews here:

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