Fountain Pen Ink Art workshops are both fascinating and fun. I deliver these on site to schools, colleges, organisations and businesses as well as from my studio here in Rochester.

WORKSHOPS for 2023

The workshops will be conducted from my studio here in Rochester, Kent. I am a 5 minute walk from the mainline train station (Rochester is 35 mins from London St Pancras) and just off the High Street. There is ample parking too. The cost will be £50 per person per workshop – all tools, materials, drinks and biscuits provided. Please see below to see what a workshop will include.

I am also happy to run bespoke workshops during the week – and on other weekends – for groups of 4-6 students tailored to specific fountain pen ink art skills and processes you wish to master. So, for example, if you are a group of friends, part of a creative collective or a group of teachers seeking creative enrichment do please get in touch to set a date and timings.

To book a place please email or call 07956 365155.

Why commission or partake in a fountain pen ink workshop?
– it’s unique, exciting, engaging and fascinating
– suitable for all students – 9 years and upwards
– huge range of fountain pen ink colours and types
– scalable and manageable – swatch cards and sketch books to larger scale art
– encompasses handwriting, lettering, calligraphy, illustration, painting and abstract art
– huge range of stunning visual outcomes
– helps individuals to start thinking ‘outside of the box’
– naturally encourages individuals to experiment and learn from making mistakes
– supports the current interest in traditional art processes
– caters for all technical and creative abilities
– 100% positive feedback from all workshops run to-date
– complements ‘O’ level, ‘A’ level, Further Education and Learning Enrichment programmes.

So, what might a typical workshop include?
An introduction – You will learn how to investigate an ink, explore it’s chromatography and how it reacts with bleach. You will learn how to blend inks together and maximise the serendipity of the outcomes.
Swatch painting – You will learn how to emulate my swatch card technique, how to maximise the chromatography within the inks and on the best paper for the job. You will learn how to apply bleach to your swatch card to give it a gold neon effect.
Modern Calligraphy – You will learn about automatic pens, how I create my abstract lettering, how I blend inks together, apply bleach and incorporate metal dusts and carbon.

A typical workshop
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And they are ideal for Learning Enrichment programmes – as the testimonial below demonstrates:

“Year 9 thoroughly enjoyed a fascinating workshop led by Nick Stewart on Thursday 28 June as part of Curriculum Enhancement Week. The artist specialises in fountain pen inks for creative use. He combines this medium with bleach to achieve surprising dramatic visual effects. He is very passionate about the discoveries he has made and his enthusiasm for the materials and techniques were shared with both students and art teachers. The great thing about his workshop is that it appealed to those students who are not particularly interested in Art.

After a series of demonstrations from Nick, the girls were making beautiful images. The process is very simple – applying water, then ink, then erasing and creating colour effects with the bleach. It was magical to see the works emerging and growing before your eyes. The girls have no excuse to create dull imagery and handwriting after this workshop.”

Mrs Karen Walsh – Head of Art Faculty, Cobham Hall

My workshops can also be geared up, or down, (in terms of duration and technicality) to suit the abilities of the students and tailored to compliment ongoing or new bespoke projects:

Workshop: Rochester Cathedral – KJV400
Workshop: Rochester Cathedral – Beasts
Workshop: UCA and Maidstone Borough Council – The Big Brush

So, if you are looking for a workshop that is different, exciting, inspirational and genuinely fascinating, please email me for more details:

I have an enhanced DBS certificate:
Certificate Number: 001654064458
Certificate Issue Date: 06/04/2019

If you can’t attend a workshop, you can still experience all of this inky magic with my online course. For the teaser video click here and the online course details here.

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