Workshops – Case Study – KJV400, Rochester Cathedral

I worked with ten elite sixth form art students from across north Kent to produce a stunning art show for Rochester Cathedral to celebrate the 400th year of the King James Bible.

Each student was tasked to produce 3 banners measuring 2000mm x 850mm over a total of 6 full day workshops. All artworks were hand crafted using a limited palette of Quink ink and bleach on paper with copious amounts of serendipity. All texts were taken from the Book of Psalms. With artwork strung from scaffold prism frames, the event culminated with a 2 week long show in the Cathedral Crypt. The exhibition attracted 20,000 visitors in a two week period, a record for the Cathedral.

2 days were dedicated to experimentation, 1 day to the concept and design of the panels and 3 days set aside for the artwork. When you see the final results, the finished art is incredible. These students had never been anywhere near ink and bleach in their lives!

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