Cult Pens Christine and Philip

Cult Pens have 2 new extreme sheening inks to add to their collection – Christine and Philip. Appropriately named after the two leading lights at Diamine who have created them.

Opening image: Christine and Philip blended with water (left). Pure ink blend (right).The swatches: On Bockingford paper (middle). On Cartridge paper (bottom).

When Maureen and Robert were released in 2018 I honestly thought that here are two extreme sheen inks that won’t be bettered. Here we have a purple and deep teal, which appear to be the ‘in’ colours for 2019 but how do they fare? Philip (Purple) has no chromatic qualities and sheens a brown/gold. Christine (Teal) also shows limited chromatic qualities and sheens a deep red.

As with Maureen and Robert they are both creative inks and look great when blended together both as pure inks and water blended. The sheens, in my opinion, are not as pretty as Maureen and Robert but in a very strong light that Philip gold sheen does liven up a little.

Handwriting examples on Rhodia dot matrixPhilip on Tamoe River paper: Pure ink with a hint of bleach (left). Watered down ink with a hint of bleach (right).Christine on Tamoe River paper: Pure ink with a hint of bleach (left). Watered down ink with a hint of bleach (right).

I like Cult Pens Diamines a lot BUT my initial thoughts prevail. These do not have the WOW factor of Maureen and Robert, and in my opinion, these two inks are in a league of their own. Philip and Christine are like a little brother and sister and despite the lack of their bigger siblings WOW factor will still slot nicely into the family. And for the record, there are a lot of similar sheening inks to Philip and Christine out there – many of which appear on this blog! Just saying.

Tests conducted on Bockingford 200lb rough, Rhodia dot matrix and Tamoe River papers using a Noodler’s Creeper pen.

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