Krishna Monster Sheens

Krishna Inks have very kindly sent me their new range of 6 heavy inks. They were originally sold to me as monster sheens and three of them fit into this category, but the other three are just heavy. Six inks were tested: Anokhi, Snake Boat, Lavender Black, Jungle Volcano, Pooram and Cinnamon.

For the sheen freaks out there, Anokhi, Jungle Volcano and Snake Boat are the real deal. As you’ll notice, these are monsters with pretty much 100% sheen coverage when viewed in good angled light.

For the more creative, Pooram has a decent sheen but is far more impressive with that bright yellow feathering at the edges. But for me, Cinnamon is delightful for it’s illustration potential, and it blends with other brands too. Click here for more on that subject.



I like Krishna a lot. They are innovative and profilific and who can forget that magical pencil ink they created? These six are HEAVY inks. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Krishna are ‘cooking on gas’ and it smells good to me.



Tests on Bockingford paper. Handwriting with Noodler’s Ahab. Abstract calligraphy with Automatic pens.

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