Kaweco Calligraphy Nibs Review

For my third Kaweco review, United Inkdom had the 4 Kaweco Calligraphy (S) nibs sent to me – sizes 1.1, 1.5, 1.9 and 2.3. This wasn’t the Calligraphy (S) set (as shown above), just the raw nib units – no housing. With some experience of calligraphy and lettering, I can honestly say that you won’t achieve the sharp finished calligraphy that you’ll achieve using the more traditional dip pen and nib. The traditional nib is sharp, straight and hard. These are designed for a fountain pen and are more rounded and softer. With the 1.9 and 2.3 nibs, you can achieve some traditional lettering (see below), but you won’t get those fine wispy lines that are the essence of the fat and thin dynamic associated with the traditional calligraphic letter shapes. Of note – the coloured inks used are all Kaweco – click here for my review of them.

The great thing I liked is that the Kaweco nib units easily screw into the Kaweco Steel Sport body and because the pen is so strong I can really let rip with hand pressure that maybe I couldn’t achieve with a flimsier plastic housing. As you’ll see from the pics, I had great fun. These are good for fast abstract lettering with great fast ink flow! I would suggest using a mini converter as opposed to a cartridge. I actually created all my examples by dipping the pen, the Kaweco feed is very effective for drawing up ink.

So, what do I think? Well anything that encourages creative lettering has got to be good, so yes, I like. The abstract lettering works really well. Take a look at the addressed envelope. The contrast between thick and thin and abstract lettering with non abstract makes for a lively relationship. With a little more time, I could create some attractive lettering with these. BUT, and I must stress, the reason I really found these such good fun is because I could use them in a very good housing unit i.e. the Kaweco Steel Sport.

If you want to create a piece of calligraphy for your wall… then no. If you like writing journals, place cards, invitations, envelopes, letters and want to develop your creative skills in terms of design and colour, these nibs are ideal. I’ll keep these and definitely use again.


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