Kaweco Skyline Classic Sport Fountain Pen Fox Review

The Kaweco Skyline is a silver-trimmed twist on the classic Kaweco Sport. With silver barrel markings and nib, the Skyline version is perhaps a little more understated than the gold-trimmed Sport, but is otherwise the same.

Loaned to me by United Inkdom to review, the Skyline Fox is one of seven colours available and features the Kaweco logo in chrome-coloured metal on the end of the cap. The polished stainless-steel nib, manufactured by Bock of Heidelberg is available in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad or extra-broad, as well as in a range of calligraphy nibs. The one I’m using features a 1.1 calligraphy nib.

The Skyline Fox is distinctive by it’s retro orange colour which also features in the Student 70’s Soul. I already own a Classic Sport in black and a Stainless Steel and these are my everyday pens. If you like the retro colour and the silver trim, the Skyline Fox is a classic Kaweco work horse. If you want to see how the Kaweco regular nib writes then click here. If you want to see how the Kaweco calligraphy nibs perform click here.

Value for money, I rate Kaweco very highly. The accessories and inks are also recommended.