MORE Wearingeul swatch tests

As mentioned previously, Wearingeul are a fairly new brand to me. Based in South Korea they continue to expand their stationery ranges with some very nice, sheening, shimmer and shading fountain pen inks along with swatch cards and papers all of which are tastefully packaged to a high standard.

I was recently contacted by Soo at Wearingeul Global and asked if I’d like to test some more of their ink products – so I just went for a lucky dip and picked: Wayfarer, Macbeth, Mad Hatter, I am a Cat and Queen of Hearts. Take a look below and see what you think. They are all lovely but if I had to pick one favourite I definitely have Wayfarer and I am a Cat.

01Wayfarer – fabulous chromo, red sheen and purple shimmer.

05Macbeth – subtle chromo with silver shimmer.

02Mad Hatter – subtle chromo and a nice shading ink

04I am a Cat – nice gray grading with a monster gold shimmer

03Queen of Hearts – a hidden chestnut red within that dark gray/brown. Gold shimmer

If you want to see my review of Wearingeul Jekyll to Hyde click here.

Many thanks to Wearingeul for sending. I know that at the time of my last review there weren’t any UK sources for their products. Not surprisingly that’s all changed and there are now plenty of UK stationers who stock Wearingeul products. If you need further information you can check out all the stockists on their website:

And HEY! If you’re interested to know more about how to use fountain pen inks in more creative ways – whether it’s simply to observe their chromatic behaviours, or, to recreate one of my swatch cards, or, to learn how to use them in watercolour painting, illustration and calligraphy, why not check out my online course?

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