Wearingeul Jekyll to Hyde

Wearingeul appear to be the new kids on the block. I don’t know much about them apart from the fact that they are based in South Korea and are currently promoting a very nicely packaged range of 26 fountain pen inks featuring standard, sheening, shimmer and duotone.

One of their inks is this transformation project called Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde which comes as a black box packaged project with gold foil block lettering and features inside: 2 x 30ml bottles of a standard red ink called Henry Jekyll, a syringe, a needle, a 6ml vial of a purple monster sheen and some instructions.

Jekyll Hyde 04

Jekyll Hyde 05Jekyll Hyde 03

As per the Jekyll and Hyde tale, you are invited to engage in the experimental transformation by sucking up the monster sheen using the syringe and adding it to the 30ml bottle of Henry Jekyll with the removable label. Once added, you peel off the label and reveal the new label – Edward Hyde. The above abstract calligraphy (on cartridge paper) features the Jeykll red and the purple sheening ink direct from the vial. The swatch test below (on watercolour paper) shows the two inks blending together.

Jekyll Hyde 02

The lettering used as the hero image at the top of this post features the original Henry Jekyll red with the newly created Edward Hyde ink (on cartridge paper). It’s all very pretty with a little bit of chromo and a decent reaction to bleach. The sheen is the classic metallic green common with many monster purples and deep reds.

Well, what’s great about this, is that it very stylishly demonstrates what ink artists do all the time with syringes and pipettes in order to create new inks and effects. It’s a mini lab beautifully packaged within the engaging concept of the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde story. The inks are good quality and work well. For collectors, this is undoubtedly a novelty and a ‘must have’.

Many thanks to Wearingeul for sending. I know that they are in discussion with a couple of potential suppliers in the UK and assume that this will be true for other territories too. In the meantime you can buy Wearingeul ink on Amazon US https://www.amazon.com/wearingeul and from their website: https://www.abledesignent.kr/


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