Kaweco Collection Special Red Fountain pen

Many thanks to Studio Pens for sending me this elegant pen to review. As you are aware Kaweco is one of the oldest brands on the market and focuses on that thin line between tradition and innovation. And I am a devoted fan.

This limited edition Kaweco Collection Special Red fountain pen is part of a five separate piece collection which also includes a ball point pen, two mechanical pencils and a matching pouch. The stunning style is a slim, sleek, minimalist octagonal barrel design in warm red, offset with stunning golden elements. The pen is made of solid anodised aluminium and has a screw-on cap. The golden Kaweco logo is on the cap end. 

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The fusion of elegant design and sturdy, reliable mechanics embedded in a stable aluminium body together with gold visual elements out of brass, encourage an excellent writing experience.

The fountain pen is supplied with your desired gold nib. There is a choice of five nib sizes. While the extra-fine nib (EF) is particularly suitable for small and fine handwriting, the extra-width nib (BB) is often used for large and dramatic signatures. I opted for the fine (F).

Thanks to the comfortable diameter of 10 mm, the pen fits nicely in hand and allows you to write effortlessly. But to be totally candid here, and as much as I love the pen, in my opinion this isn’t for the hand of a brute and is arguably more suited to a more feminine hand. 


The pen can be used with ink cartridges or be fitted with a converter for use with bottled ink. Of note, the pen doesn’t come with a converter but I would suggest investing in one – I have gone for the gold option as it visually suits. Longer and slimmer than the Kaweco Sport, it does have room in the barrel for a spare cartridge if you go with that option.

The pens are shipped in the classic golden nostalgic tin box and wrapped in a Red Collection paper sleeve. A red colour-coordinated leather pouch in a velvety velour look is also available as a separate and is perfectly tailored to the Collection. And yes, I’ve gone for it.IMG_9519


The interplay between the powerful red and the gold accents of the Special Red Series looks luxurious and conveys a captivating elegance. Moreover, the splendid colour combination of red and gold provides warmth, luxury, style and energy and that glorious red colour certainly arouses emotions.

So, if you’re looking for a Christmas gift that’s utterly delightful without digging too deep in your wallet, this could be it. But you’d better move fast as this is a Limited Edition. One of my girls is going to be beaming from ear to ear on Christmas morning – that’s for sure.

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Ink used is Nick Stewart Desert Rose on Rhodia Dot matrix.

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