Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen in a deep red finish

The AL Sport in a deep red finish, closely follows the original 1935 octagonal design – ‘small in the pocket, large in the hand’.

The oversized cap arrangement creates a small closed pen but a full length open pen. When closed, the pen is just 108mm long. When open it’s 133mm long. The barrel is 14mm in diameter around the cap. The pen is made from tough, solid aluminium, weighing approximately 20g and features the Kaweco logo in polished silver metal on the end of the cap.

The pen comes with a polished stainless steel nib, manufactured by Bock of Heidelberg and is available in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad and extra-broad.

This particular pen has a fine gold nib and came in the classic Kaweco tin with a Kaweco AL Sport Mechanical Pencil, also in a deep red finish, and a Kaweco Eco Leather red pen pouch.

I was about to review this pen when I noticed that it had gone missing. It turns out that my wife, Cherry, who’s not into fountain pens at all, saw it and allegedly had an instant attraction to it.

So what does she like about it?

“The design and colour are what initially caught my attention. So I popped the red ink cartridge in and had a play. It feels really nice and classy. That Kaweco Steel Sport you have is cold on the skin. This is warm and just the right weight in my hand, really comfortable. The ink colour is divine too and the way it flows through the nib is amazing. It’s just so smooth. I’ve never had a writing experience quite like this before. I also like the red leather pen pouch with the mechanical pencil. They look great together, can I keep them? Please?”

So there you have it. The images are all taken by Cherry and the handwriting is hers too and it looks as though the deep red Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen and the Kaweco AL Sport Mechanical Pencil in the red leather pouch will be staying in her handbag. I can fully appreciate how appealing this set is. And that colour is something else!

As an avid fan of Kaweco, click here to read my review of Kaweco Steel Sport, I’m pleased for her. I have had a go myself, and yes, it’s very very nice. It is lighter and warmer on the skin than the Steel. It is extremely comfortable too. But you don’t just have to take my word for it!

And as the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift? They don’t come much better!

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