Diamine Hong Kong Exclusives – Kong Girls and Kong Guys

Two Diamine exclusives with great names and both are gorgeous colours that work really well together.




Kong Girls is a very pretty mid purple fountain pen ink with a silver blue shimmer. It’s a shading ink and when used in concentration there is a slight hint of a sheen too.

Kong Guys is a very dark blue heavy sheening ink and when used in concentration, that metallic sheen appears as a deep rust red in fact I’d describe it as a metallic Coca-Cola sheen.

Both inks blend together beautifully revealing a stunning combination of shimmer and sheen effects.



As writing inks, Kong Girls is a pretty mid purple with a hint of shimmer when viewed under a strong light. Kong Guys is a very very dark blue and that shimmer is easily noticed when viewed with a strong light source.




Both inks blend easily with water – Kong Girls washing out bright pinks and Kong Guys revealing a whole range of blues and blue greens. They both respond beautifully to bleach but not when applied to more concentrated areas of ink. Kong Girls turns a neon pink and Kong Guys a neon gold.


These are a lovely duo and work well on their own or together, and are a great addition to the other Diamine Far East Exclusives Lion Rock and Calm and Passion.

Tests conducted on Bockingford 200lb rough, Rhodia dot matrix, Seawhite Cartridge and Tamoe River papers using a Noodler’s Creaper pen and an automatic pen. Available now. Info from @stationery_studio.sheen_shan

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