Diamine Far East Exclusives – Lion Rock and Calm and Passion

Two more Diamine sheen exclusives but this time for the Far East.

First up is the Hong Kong sheening exclusive Lion Rock. A heavy brown that sheens metallic green. The lovely thing about this particular ink is that it also has wonderful chromatography releasing salmon pinks and even feint hints of yellow and turquoise. A mild addition of bleach also releases subtle purples.

Next up is the South Korean sheening exclusive Calm and Passion. A heavy blue black with undertones of green that sheens metallic red. When first approached about reviewing this ink I was told it was a blue black but in my opinion it’s more of an ultra dark teal. Just saying!

The sheens: Top half Lion Rock. Calm and Passion below.

The sheens: Calm and Passion left – bottom section I added some water to the ink. Lion Rock right – top section I added water to the ink and bleach.

Squiggles: Top Lion Rock. Calm and Passion below.

Tests conducted on Bockingford 200lb rough, Rhodia dot matrix and Tamoe River papers using a Noodler’s Creeper pen.

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