A Night in Jodhpur – A teal blue sheen exclusive

And a very pretty Teal blue sheen exclusive from Papier und Stift it is too. And a fabulous name for an ink as well.

And the first thing that strikes me about this ink colour is that it feels familiar. It is without doubt a very strong and pretty sheen turning that familiar metallic deep rose pink, but where have I seen it? Click here and see what you think?

Take away the gold shimmer and you have an ink base similar to the great  and wonderful Emeraude de Chivor. And what’s wrong with that? A stunning colour with a great tonal range and when used in a pen, hints of that sheen can easily be seen at the edges of the handwriting reflecting that deep metallic rose pink. It’s very nice, but don’t just take my word for it… go check it out!

Tests conducted on Bockingford 200lb rough, Rhodia dot matrix and Tamoe River papers using a Laban Soprane fountain pen – and if anyone has any info about this pen, I’d be grateful for any background knowledge.

A Night in Jodhpur is now available exclusively from Papier und Stift.

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