Diamine Earl Grey

I can’t believe that we’re already cracking through the month of May. And that was beginning to concern me as I haven’t unearthed anything truly remarkable for a while. That is until now… Diamine Earl Grey!

I don’t know why, but I had been saving this and tested it only yesterday. The initial swatch test on Bockingford is lovely, with subtle chromatography of purple greys and a brilliant cyan leaching out of a deep purple grey with a sheen. And please note that gorgeous gold reaction with bleach! Now, that would be enough you’d think? But no. It was the landscape tests that completely blew me away. After the first test, I thought I may have some contamination in my brush, but the second test proves that Diamine Earl Grey is genuinely something of pure magic! I didn’t think for one moment I’d get that red. So much from so little! As an art journalling ink this could be extremely exciting.

When tested as a writing ink on Rhodia the colour is somewhat darker, obviously, and turns white gold and turquoise when I spattered bleach.

As a pure handwriting fluid, the colour is a purple grey as are the tea leaves that share its’ name.

And the verdict? Fabulous!

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