Five new ink exclusives from cult pens – three diamines and Two Robert oster’s

Many congratulations to Cult Pens on their 16th anniversary and for celebrating, in part, by not only releasing a beautiful 16 x 12ml bottle fountain pen gift set but five new ink exclusives too! Three Diamines and two Robert Oster’s!

Before having a look at the exclusives, click here if you want to see the review of the 16 ink gift set.

The three Diamine exclusives are: 
Michael – a deep dark blue with a black sheen, not too far removed from Sargasso Sea. This is available as Michael in 80ml glass bottles and available in 30ml bottles as Little Micky! 

Matthew – a deep dark grey with fabulous chromatography which in my opinion is a darker version of Earl Grey. This is available as Matthew in 80ml glass bottles and available in 30ml bottles as Little Matty!

Louise – a honey yellow with the nearest Diamine equivalents being Golden Sands (without the shimmer) and Honey Burst from the Les Paul finishes set. This is available as Louise in 80ml glass bottles and available in 30ml bottles as Little Lou! 

The two Robert Oster exclusives are:
Devon Green – a rich deep green with olive and turquoise chromatography. The nearest Oster equivalent being Evergreen although couple of shades lighter. Available in 50ml bottles.

Cult Blue – a deep rich purple blue with very similar characteristics to Barossa Grape and / or Purple Rock. Great chromatography. Available in 50ml bottles.

swatch cardsswatch paintingsLouise Matthew Michael

What I really like about these exclusives is their colour compatibility with one another and their gorgeous inherent chromatography, serendipity and alchemy behaviours. I think both test paintings turned out surprisingly well and both were very quick to do. 


Of course, it goes without saying that they all get my approval. Here’s a link to the Cult Pens’ website:

Many thanks to Christine for sending me these to test. Another dream job!

AND HEY! If you’re interested to know more about how to use fountain pen inks in more creative ways – whether it’s simply to observe their chromatic behaviours, or, to recreate one of my swatch cards, or, to learn how to use them in watercolour painting, illustration and calligraphy, why not check out my online course ?

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