Esterbrook Estie Review

As a member of the United Inkdom I have just had the pleasure of testing – and purchasing – an Esterbrook Estie.

Esterbrook is one of the greatest names in American pen history. Founded in 1858, by their peak they were making 216 million pens a year. Unfortunately, as the market changed, Esterbrook went out of business in 1971. Now they’re back, though, with the name brought back and the designs reinvented by Kenro Industries, who have plenty of experience of bringing back or continuing famous pen brands.

The Estie is inspired by Esterbrook designs from the 1930s, using some beautifully machined acrylics – the black is basic and understated, while the more colourful patterns are bright and eye-catching. 149mm long capped, 130mm uncapped, 172mm posted. Weighs 24g. Supplied in a gift box with a converter for use with bottled ink.

For the vintage nib ENTHUSIAST, the adaptor is an innovative extra to have

And if you’re an Esterbrook fan of old just add the optional vintage nib adapter, and the new Estie will take old vintage Esterbrook nibs. BUT, if you’re into aesthetics, probably best to opt for the silver trim finish for visual continuity.

So how did i get on with it? As a dedicated Kaweco Sport fan this was a little ‘off piste’ for me but I’ve always loved the classic vintage look of the Esterbrook and often imagined many of my favourite authors writing with one – so was more than willing to participate. I opted for the black with gold trim and a gold EF nib.

The pen came in a red cloth covered gift box, which is very underwhelming, so that was sidelined straight away and a black leather pen sleeve ordered online immediately. I filled it up with Nick Stewart Twilight Black and started the test. To be honest, initially the EF nib was a bit of a let down and quite scratchy. The vintage nib on the other hand was superb! Would love to try a vintage flexnib too! But I have persevered and over the last 2 weeks of regular usage, the gold EF nib has adapted to my handwriting style, so much so, that I’m using it all the time.

Ink flow is very good and it’s very comfortable to write with. I have since purchased it and although I’m reluctant to admit it, the Kaweco AC Sport is currently on the subs bench!

Of note: my other colleagues are also reviewing the Estie so if you want to know what they think – head on over to the United Inkdom website: The meta review will be posted early in 2021.

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