Diamine Hybrid Ink Exclusive!

Yes! This could be the first Diamine hybrid ink to be made available for general release. And it’s thanks to Bernardo Gomes of Fountain Pens UK that this opportunity has come about.

Following on from the FPUK Diamine collaboration and release of Monboddo’s Hat and Scribble Purple, Bernardo was keen to go again and create a Teal. However, Phil Davies at Diamine was a little concerned that teal as a colour ink could maybe do with a rest, but without wishing to dampen spirits did discuss the possibility of creating a hybrid ink – part pigment and part dye based. And here it is:

As you can see, a lovely teal colour with a good amount of shading. Blends nicely with water BUT, no chromatography and a negligible reaction to bleach. In fact all the classic signs of a pigment based ink – great for handwriting with the added benefits of both UV and agent resistance. But for the Fountain ink artists amongst us, maybe not quite so exciting…

But wait! Don’t despair. As mentioned, it is a hybrid and as you can see, this ink has a sheen! Yes! A pigmented ink with a rose metallic sheen. Now that is a first! So what’s next? Well Bernardo will be wanting your vote as to whether or not you’d like to see this produced and he’d also like you to suggest and then vote for a suitable name. So, if you want to get involved, you can head on over to Bernardo’s YouTube channel or visit the Fountain Pens UK Facebook page.

Tests conducted on Tomoe River paper, Rhodia dot matrix, Sea white cartridge paper and Bockingford Rough 200lb watercolour paper with handwriting using a Noodler’s Creeper pen and abstract calligraphy created with an automatic pen.

And HEY! If you’re interested to know more about how to use fountain pen inks in more creative ways – whether it’s simply to observe their chromatic behaviours, or, to recreate one of my swatch cards, or, to learn how to use them in watercolour painting, illustration and calligraphy, why not check out my online course? It’s a great way to pass the time while self isolating!

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