Herbin 350th Anniversary Gift Set

As part of their 350th Anniversary, Herbin have released a miniature 5 bottle ink gift set featuring the original vintage labels.

Herbin started producing ink in 1670, making ink for King Louis XIV, the Sun King (or Le Roi Soleil) and other important French figures such as Victor Hugo (author of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Les Miserables”).

This special anniversary set contains the original 5 colours of Les Perles des Encres: Perle Noire, Bleu Myosotis, Rouge Caroubier, Vert Reseda and Violette Pensee, and commemorates 350 years of Herbin. Each glass bottle contains 10ml of ink and features a miniature copy of the original vintage label with a wax-covered cap.

The history and credibility of these colours is beyond doubt. They blend easily with water and reveal a great range of effects when used with bleach. All of them have good ink flow through the nib, as you’d expect, and are a  real joy to write with. This is a nicely packaged and attractive gift set of inks and in the UK is available from Cult Pens priced at £35.95.

Many thanks to Adam Whittaker from Exaclair who has very kindly sent me the 350th Anniversary Ink Gift set to review.

Tests conducted on Tomoe River paper and Bockingford Rough 200lb watercolour paper with handwriting using a Noodler’s Creeper pen and abstract calligraphy created with an automatic pen.

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