J Herbin 350th Anniversary Ink – Vert Atlantide

350 years of trading is commendable for any company. But let’s be honest, what Herbin inks may lack in dramatic chromo behaviours, they certainly blaze a trail in other areas.

Over the last couple of years Herbin have made a huge impact on the ink community. Emeraude de Chivor not only heralded an immediate addiction for ‘Monster Sheen’ inks but also generated a healthy craze for Shimmer Inks and Shimmer Sheen inks. Never to be underestimated, Herbin are crucial to the longevity of our niche passion. Many congratulations on your 350th birthday and here’s to the next 350 years!

Adam Whittaker from Exaclair has very kindly sent me a sample of the 350th Anniversary Ink Jacques Herbin to test – Vert Atlantide.

And? Great dark green colour with shading qualities aplenty. Very French and a lovely addition to their existing colour range. Even a soupson of chromatography with a delicate blue grey in evidence. Blends easily with water and reveals a great gold effect when used with bleach. Good ink flow through the nib, as you’d expect, and a real joy to write with. Of Note: The bottle I have photographed is merely a sample bottle. The actual bottle is one of the glass squares with all the trimmings.Personally I’m a great fan of the full J Herbin range. I like their history and quality. They are a unique brand and I have tested their standard range for art journalling and can confirm that they are fabulous for writing, drawing and painting – click for video.

I also have a gift set of 5 anniversary inks with the antique labels which will be featured up next. Stay tuned…

Tests conducted on Tomoe River paper, Rhodia dot matrix, Sea white cartridge paper and Bockingford Rough 200lb watercolour paper with handwriting using a Noodler’s Creeper pen and abstract calligraphy created with an automatic pen.

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