Vinta Inks – Bodabil (Harlequin 1920)

Rifling through the post last week I came across a small package kindly  sent to me by Scribble Monboddo – our very own Purple Prince of the United Inkdom. In it was a sample of Bodabil (Harlequin 1920) a monster sheening ink from Vinta Inks and one that I haven’t had the pleasure of fiddling with.

Above: Bockingford 200lb Rough watercolour paper

This is without doubt a serious purple sheener and visually very pleasing. When used with a pen, the handwriting is so dark it’s as good as black – with that metallic green visible in strong light. But add a little water to the ink and it becomes a lovely purple colour with a great tonal range, although with limited chromatic behaviour. On the Bockingford and cartridge papers, the ink bleeds out pinks while on the Rhodia and Tomoe River papers the ink is more blue.

Left: Tomoe River paper   Right: Standard cartridge paper

Above: Rhodia dot matrix paper

The metallic sheen is far more pronounced on the Rhodia and Tomoe River papers. Using the Tomoe River paper, the marks made are 100% metallic sheen. Similar in some ways to Diamine Winter Miracle, I would say that the sheen of Bodabil is more pronounced and the green sheen not as yellow. Away from the strong sheen, bleach works well in the less concentrated areas and in the weaker more pinky areas you get a lovely neon glow. If you are a sheen freak, this will have to be added to your collection. This is a monster sheen with a unique and attractive green.

Tests conducted on Bockingford 200lb rough, Rhodia dot matrix and Tomoe River papers using a Noodler’s Creeper pen, Automatic pen and Serendipity dip pen.

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