Creative Swatch Carding for Ink Geeks and Inkophiles

I thought I’d post this as I have just swatch tested 98 Sailor fountain pen inks from the new Ink Studio range.

Using the standard swab technique, the colours look okay, sheening in evidence etc but what the standard swab test doesn’t show is what’s ‘under the hood’ those beautiful hidden colours that make up the ink colour. This brief video is a ‘fly by’ of one of my tutorials (details below) because when I start posting my Sailor swatches (please sign up to my Instagram account and other social media accounts), first of all your jaws will drop at what you’ll see (I promise, it’s amazing) and secondly, you’ll want to start Creative Swatch Carding too.

In essence, it’s a creative extension of the swab card technique and relevant to all inkophiles and ink geeks already into the hobby of collecting ink samples and the exploration of their colour, but once you have the hang of this there’s no going back!

The Creative Swatch Carding tutorial is one of twelve tutorials available as an online course from Udemy. Suitable for students of all ages and abilities, Fountain Pen Ink Art – The Basics, gives all the necessary techniques and top tips to allow students to create unique and fascinating artwork using this extremely diverse art medium.

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Art by Nick Stewart
Filmed and edited by Nick Stewart
‘Space Cadet 2’ music loop by Nick Stewart