I’m delighted to announce that at long last, Fountain Pen Ink Art – The Basics – is now available online from Udemy. With a large international audience unable to realistically attend workshops in the UK, this is the logical way forward.

Suitable for students of all ages and abilities, this course gives all the necessary techniques and top tips to allow students to create unique and fascinating artwork using this extremely diverse art medium and is essential for anyone who keep sketch books and art journals.

With the recent boom in the diversity of fountain pen ink colours, sheens and shimmers, this course explores their unique make up and reactions with bleach, and demonstrates this through creating art in a way that hasn’t been taught before. The unique characteristics of chromatography, serendipity and alchemy (bleach), sets fountain pen ink art apart from all other art mediums. The techniques demonstrated, allow students to work both ‘dark into light’ and ‘light into dark’ and across a diverse range of disciplines including: watercolour painting, illustration, hand lettering, calligraphy and fine art.

Fountain pen inks are made up of dyes and when applied to water on high quality paper, the coloured dyes that make up the ink are released from solution, so although you are using one ink it appears that you are using several colours. The chromatic process is very much serendipity led and the beauty of the final visual outcomes are invariably dictated by this. Then add in a touch of alchemy (bleach), and fountain pen ink art goes to a whole new level with stunning neon gold effects, textures and new colours created!

As a relatively unexplored medium for use in art, the course starts by explaining why fountain pen ink and bleach is a unique and fascinating medium and then progresses through 12 walk through tutorials demonstrating techniques and top tips that will show students how to create watercolour paintings, illustrations, handwriting and calligraphy using this unique medium that is not only fascinating to watch but totally absorbing to engage with.

The standard cost for my course on Udemy is £49.99 but I am selling the course for £39.99 (£10 discount!) to followers of my project. So if you want to purchase the course at the discounted price, please pay £39.99 into my PayPal account ref: PayPal will automatically contact me when a payment is received and I will use your email to send you a bespoke access code to access the course. If you need any further info about this offer, please email me:

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