Robert Oster – Get.set.GO Review

Many many thanks to Anja Gebler of Papier & Stift who took part in one of my workshops a couple of WEEKS ago. She very kindly gave me some samples of this new Robert Oster range to test. AND As some of the regular readers know, I’m a great fan of Rob’s inks.

The “Get.set.GO” palette of inks for late 2018 includes Burned Orange, Crocodile Green, Deep Purple, Dragon’s Night, Hot Pink, Red Candy, and True Blue. In the words of Robert Oster, this collection is is inspired by “The landscape around me.. the colours I see in birds.. flowers, leaves and even the bark of Australian trees.. all composites of the palette for this set of seven.”

Burned Orange represents the color of “the South Australian Riverland sand under the bare feet of me at age six.” Please note: I have written this as Blood Orange in error. Apologies.

Crocodile Green represents the color of crocodiles “seen in the waters of our rugged Northern Territory. Take care up there.”

Deep Purple represents the color of the “Aussie Gum tree bark after the rain.”

Dragon’s Night represents the color of “something that keeps me awake as I ponder the dark midnight Aussie sky.”

Hot Pink represents “seared in my memory.. the colour of my mother’s wedding dress in December, 1969.”

Red Candy represents “sometimes candy apples at country fairs.. maybe red candy cane twined around white sugar sticks in December.”

True Blue is “Aussie slang for bff, for keeping it real, and for a host of positive emotions.”

With such an extensive range of Robert Oster colours available, one could quibble that some of these colours are similar to existing inks, but they are in fact marginally different and they do work beautifully together as a standalone set. The trademark colour intensity, subtle sheens, shading and chromatography are all in evidence. All of the inks flow and write really well and when swatch tested all react with bleach in gold neon.

So, whether for writing or creative practice and with Christmas fast approaching… well you know what I’m saying.

All Robert Oster Signature Inks are handmade in Australia. The recyclable PET bottles are manufactured in Australia’s first carbon neutral plastics plant.

Tests conducted on Bockingford 200lb Rough and Rhodia Dot matrix. Zig Zags created with an automatic pen and handwriting with Serendipity Dip pen.

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