Oast Houses in the Weald – Robert Oster Signature Inks

Pen World Magazine are running a pen and ink art contest. See below:

The image I submitted is a typical summer scene in the Weald of Kent which is where I cycle a lot of the time. Using three Robert Oster Signature inks – Yellow Sunrise, Blue Black and Terracotta I wanted to illustrate the unique heritage architecture of Kent – the oast houses and black wooden panelled barns. The dense cloud cover highlighted the intense yellow of the rape seed growing in the fields and the terracotta of the tiles and bricks. The limited palette helped keep the artwork fresh and alive. The greens were created by mixing the yellow and blue black together, seamlessly linking the land and sky together. The darker tones by overlaying washes of blue black. Highlights were created with bleach. This was quick to do – 25 mins start to finish. One of the beauty’s of fountain pen inks is that they dry quickly allowing speedy work!

Art on Bockingford paper.

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