Festival Quink and Bleach

A couple of weeks ago, a mate of mine tagged me in a post on the Stonehenge Solstice Festival facebook page challenging me to submit a poster design for the event. I posted some lame reply to the effect that I was too busy. Last week, one of the organisers contacted me and very politely persuaded me to provide ‘something’. Well, I had plenty of hi res images of experimental ink and bleach backgrounds and I had just been looking at the work of a certain Barney Bubbles (Hawkwind album sleeves) so thought okay, why not? Throughout the project this far I have only used Adobe software for image colour rebalancing. This is the first time I’ve properly combined my project work with graphics.

So, opened up my emails this morning to find out that it’s be chosen as the Festival Poster! To be honest, it’s not the greatest piece of art and it was cobbled together in a hurry but it’s great for promoting the project AND the essence of the ink and bleach, in my opinion, is still at the heart of the art. Loving that Bockingford texture on the face of the sun!

If you’re interested in inks and want to know more about to utilise them in creative ways, I’m running 2 workshops on Saturday 17th March at my studio here in Rochester. Click here for details. 

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