Noodler’s Inks Test 04 – The Purples and Pinks


Here is the next batch of 11 of the 79 Noodler’s fountain pen ink samples recently tested – Purples and Pinks.

Once again, an eclectic mix of inks with a wide range of hues and behaviours. The North African Violet blends a little like the Rohrer and Klingner iron gall inks  and the La Reine Mauve is as good as bullet proof. All great writing inks except Atlantic Salmon that bleeds somewhat. The Dragon Catfish Pink is like a paste – weird to use BUT nice effect! The other colours are all fairly one dimensional in terms of their chromatographic qualities – no hidden hues nor really exciting bleach reactions. To be honest, there are far more dynamic pinks and purples available in other brand ranges.

Inks tested: La Couleur Royale, North African Violet, Periwinkle, Concord Bream, La Reine Mauve, Noodlers purple, Burgundy, Cactus Fruit Eel, Atlantic Salmon, Rachmaninoff and Dragon Catfish Pink.

All tests on Bockingford 200lb watercolour paper using a Desiderata Daedalus with titanium zebra G flex nib.

Many thanks to Brian and Rachel Goulet for the sample vials:

Just for the record – I do this for myself, I receive no remuneration what-so-ever and I tell it exactly how I see it.