Noodler’s Inks Test 03 – The Blues


Here is the next batch of 12 of the 79 Noodler’s fountain pen ink samples recently tested, and as you can see they are The Blues.

This little batch demonstrates exactly why Noodler’s fountain pen inks are so leftfield. If you look back at the Diamine tests or the de Atramentis tests, you will notice that even though they are different hues of one colour, they demonstrate similar behavioural characteristics e.g. they blend with water and react with bleach in similar ways. But not with Noodler’s. Each variation behaves in it’s own individual way. From a Kung Te Cheng which is evidently water and bleach resistant to a Lightning Blue which loves water and bleach or a Bluerase Waterase with that beautiful turquoise sub hue to a Blue or Turquoise Eel with those heavy sheens – all The Blues here, have unique character. So, if you’re looking for a blue handwriting ink that best represents you? Take your pick.

Inks tested: Kung Te Cheng, Bad Belted Kingfisher, O’Ternity, Polar Blue, Navy, Blue Eel, Blue, Bernanke Blue, Luxury Blue, Turquoise Eel, Bluerase Waterase, Lightning Blue

All tests on Bockingford 200lb watercolour paper using a Desiderata Daedalus with titanium zebra G flex nib.

Many thanks to Brian and Rachel Goulet for the sample vials:

Just for the record – I do this for myself, I receive no remuneration what-so-ever and I tell it exactly how I see it.