Fountain Pen Inks adored at Rochester Cathedral workshop!

Beasts - Rs

Just some of beautiful illuminated ‘R’s created during the Illuminating Beasts project at Rochester Cathedral. With 68 students (ranging from ages 6 to 82 years – some with special needs), 12 small bottles of various coloured Diamine fountain pen inks, 16 dip pens, 16 brushes and some cartridge paper over 6 workshops of 2.5 hours each – What do you think? Costwise it was the best value workshop the cathedral have run to-date with 100% satisfaction score on the evaluation!

The most frequent comments were:
‘I have never used fountain pen inks in this way before’
‘I never knew there so many colours available in fountain pen inks’
‘The bleach effect was awesome!’

I don’t think I need to ram the point home any further!

IMG_8922 IMG_8929 IMG_8949 IMG_8947