Pilot Iroshizuku and Namiki Inks Test (02)


Continuing on from the previous test, the Iroshizuku range confirms that it is both delicate and sophisticated! These particular inks are maybe slightly thinner in consistency than the previous batch. As before, the inks blend with water, but not readily. Their reactions with bleach are just as varied as before – turning black on the deeper reds but are certainly a little more understated across the blue and blue greens. The colours are all consistent and vivid. They are easy to write with. Chiku-rin is the stand out colour.

Namiki Black – mixes with water readily but has a limited reaction with bleach. Writes as a solid black and I assume that this is a document ink of sorts.

Namiki Blue – mixes with water readily and has a bright reaction with bleach in the less concentrated areas. This is a fairly thin ink and when used for writing the handwriting appears to be quite pale.

Inks sourced from Brian and Rachel Goulet at http://www.gouletpens.com

Tested on Bockingford 200lb watercolour paper.