KWZ Inks Test

These wonderful KWZI inks were sent to me by Claudia who I met through the Fountain Pen Network. Claudia, thank you, they’re superb!

I have banded them into 3 groups: Reds, Blue/Browns and Galls.

KWZI Ink Reds

As a general comment, these inks are lovely and I get the feeling that they have been made by someone who knows what they’re doing. They have a rich consistency that makes writing a genuine pleasure and the colours are just so sophisticated. As you’ll notice, there is a reaction with bleach but the richness of the ink prevents anything too spectacular. Looking at the range, I notice no light colours and no translucent inks either. The colours have been chosen for their clarity and longevity, in effect, these are ideal handwriting inks.

Within the Reds group: Grey Plum, Brown Pink, Gummy Berry and Violet #9 all reveal hidden hues and react well with bleach, which for me are of interest. The remaining reds are just so vivid – really lovely to look at.

KWZI Ink Browns Blues

The Blue / Browns group is a goldmine. All the colours react with bleach and reveal hidden hues. Foggy Green, Rotten Green, Old Gold and Honey grab my attention. Honey is just stunning!

KWZI Ink Gall

The Galls group is the best collection of galls I have ever tested. Look how they all feather in the water wash area – strange and pretty – its a gall thing. Where the colour concentration thins out in the wash areas, there is also a reaction with bleach. Once again, the colours are wonderfully sophisticated in particular Turquoise, Red, Green #4 and Gummy Berry. And they write beautifully.

I had never heard of these before. They are allegedly made by a chemistry student called Konrad who resides in Warsaw, Poland. Claudia has supplied his link if you want to know more:

These are good quality inks, made by someone who understands and cares. I’ve really enjoyed these. I’m already thinking about a test piece.