Diamine Teal – Of the Sea


Having learnt to sail on the River Medway, in the days when Chatham Dockyard was still a Royal Navy base, the experience was one that has never left me. I have spent the majority of my leisure time racing boats of all types both inshore and offshore and the ‘sea’ is a big part of my life and one that I can’t let go.

With so much time spent on the sea, one of the most fascinating things for me is it’s shape and texture. From flat calm to rolling waves – the texture of the sea constantly changes from moment to moment. How best to visualise this?

Taking inspiration from historical woodblock prints and incorporating a circular concept to evoke that sense of infinity, I have employed one of my own art techniques to try and achieve my goals.

I chose Diamine Teal ink not just for its colour. It bleeds easily with water revealing a mottled sediment at the breakdown of the wash and responds dramatically when subjected to bleach. The linework was achieved using a brush and desiderata pen with Zebra G nib onto a Bockingford watercolour paper. Less is more!