Noodlers Inks Review – Magic Browns and Greens


Noodlers EL Lawrence, Rome Burning (fantastic name!), Walnut and No41 Brown are a clutch of 4 inks that fit neatly together. They all behave in a similar way too. They hardly react to bleach but when water tested bleed gorgeously with plenty of hidden colours oozing out of the solution. They write well too. The colours of the images shown are accurate.

These are utterly amazing! These aren’t just writing inks, these are a watercolorists dream come true. (See the tests below).


To the casual observer, this may look like a watercolour using 7 or 8 different colours. Wrong! This is using Noodlers Rome Burning and Walnut! Nothing extra! The detailing was using a zebra G nib and Walnut. And the way the inks work together is a joy.


This is using De Atramentis Night Black with Noodlers EL Lawrence. The Inks have created a landscape on their own. The texture qualities of the EL Lawrence quite incredible. What’s not to like?

Just saying – this is an ongoing project. It’s all part of a process to look at things in a different way, particularly things that we simply take for granted. I have chosen fountain pen inks which I’m subjecting to household bleach and water. It’s basically random chemistry with no predictable outcomes. But as handwriting gives way to technology, what will happen to all those gorgeous inks? As this project reveals, some inks are just plain boring and do what we naturally assume ink does, so, may well be discontinued? Others, reveal wonderful, magical properties and could hopefully have a future as art materials. And, who knows, someone who sees this project may have a brainwave and apply the concept to some other random things and end up making time travel a reality? Anyway, it’s a little different and all good fun. Keep in touch – the project has a way to go yet and I haven’t even started creating the real art yet. Please click here to view the Mission Statement.