Diamine Anniversary Inks Review


I have only just got hold of these Anniversary ink samples – all except Silver Fox and Blue Velvet. As you may know, I’m a great fan of Diamine and these certainly do not disappoint.

Diamine Blue Black – A thick dark rich ink that bleeds easily when added to water and reveals hints of cyan in the lighter wash areas. Turns a white gold when subjected to bleach. A dark blue black colour when used for writing.

Diamine Regency Blue – A thick dark rich ink that bleeds easily when added to water and reveals hints of dark purple and cyan in the lighter wash areas. Turns a white gold when subjected to bleach. A dark blue black colour when used for writing.

Diamine Golden Brown – A deep red ochre ink that bleeds sparingly when added to water but doesn’t breakdown much. Turns a neon white/gold colour when subjected to bleach. A mid brown colour when used for writing.

Diamine Safari – A deep forest green that bleeds to olive and yellow grass greens when added to water. Hardly reacts at all when subjected to bleach. Inconsistent in colour when used for writing.

Diamine Tropical Green – A deep green that bleeds easily when added to water revealing cyan at the edges of the swash. Reacts a white gold neon when subjected to bleach. A dark green colour when used for writing.

Diamine Carnival – A gorgeous sultry red that bleeds easily when added to water revealing pinks and pale yellow at the edges of the swash. Reacts a white gold neon when subjected to bleach. A deep red colour when used for writing.

Once again I have created the swatches using a Bockingford Rough 140lb water colour paper. Six lovely inks – what’s not to like?

Just by way of a sign off, Diamine have been a great eye opener for me. Their huge range of inks are a real pleasure and their price point is realistic and value for money. This year, they really have shaken up the scene with the Shimmertastic Inks. The future for fountain pen inks is starting to look good.

I will try and do one more post before Christmas – a very brief review of the last six months and my top ten favourite inks of 2015. If you want to know more about this project and where it could be headed, keep a look out for a piece being featured by Maybelline Tan on her blog www.onfountainpens.com which she’s posting on 26th December 2015!