Paper and Surfaces

Inks, like many things, respond in different ways to different situations. And in particular on paper surfaces. To demonstrate this I have used Diamine Shimmertastic Inks on various stocks. See for yourselves how the inks react and which surfaces they perform best on – and it’s not necessarily the smooth stocks that the metals really show up on! The paper stock names and weights can be found at the bottom right of each image. The watercolour paper artworks measure circa 380mm x 280mm and cartridge paper alphabets 210mm x 260mm. All available for sale at £15 (GBP) per item. P&P on top of that. Contact me if interested.

Arches Aquarelle 300gsm copy Fabriano Artistico 300gsm copy RWS White 300gsm copy RWS 300gsm Saunders Off White 425gsm copy RWS 300gsm 02 Saunders Off-White 190gsm 02 Saunders Off-White 300gsm Standard Cartridge copy 3 Standard Cartridge copy Standard Cartridge copy 4 Standard Cartridge Saunders High White 300gsm