Monteverde Inks Review

Monteverde Rouge, Bleu, Purple and Turquoise –  These coloured inks appear to be very pure colours and not made up of dye blends. Therefore there are no quirky behavioural characteristics to note. When added to water they wash out evenly with no evidence of other colours appearing at the breakdown. When subjected to bleach the inks bleach out white. As writing inks the colours are absolutely uniform and flow exceedingly well.

Monteverde Blue Black –  When added to water it blends quickly and reveals turquoise and pink at the breakdown. When subjected to bleach the colour bleaches out white, gold and green. A gorgeous ink full of character – indicative for use in more creative calligraphy and art. As a writing ink the colour is a dark rich blue and flows exceedingly well.

Ink samples very kindly supplied by Massdrop