So after nearly 3 years of swatch testing and experimenting, I have released my first fountain pen inks, Randall, Berber Blue, Desert Rose, Dune Yellow and Twilight Black. Designed entirely by myself and produced by the internationally renowned Diamine Inks company, the feedback to-date from a worldwide audience has been wonderfully positive.

I am now in a position to offer my services for the design and production of custom ink. Whether for a large scale brand roll out or a small scale vanity project, I am able to deliver the whole brief or part(s) of the brief, including: design and production of the ink(s); recommending and sourcing containers; creating the brand identity; designing and producing the labels and packaging; advising on distribution; art directing and creating effective and appropriate marketing campaigns; demonstrating the final product.

If you are looking for that special something that is totally unique and looks fabulous, please email your brief to me:

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